Jaime Xie x The Daily Dressing

Dans la vague d’influenceurs qui saisit la société digitale, certains se démarquent naturellement par leur singularité ou leur extravagance. Parmi ces digital creators, notre regard se pose sur Jaime Xie, influenceuse à temps plein et personnalité à suivre. La jeune Américaine connaît et cultive ses atouts.
Passionnée de mode, luxe et voyage, elle en peint son mur Instagram. En effet, un regard rapide suffit afin d’être transporté dans un autre univers. De Tulum à Havana en
passant par Milan, le tout accompagné de défilés et soirées prestigieuses, Jaime Xie est sans nul doute une des figures publiques en vogue et à ne pas rater.


Jaime Xie x The Daily Dressing

1/ Nous connaissons Jaime Xie, la personnalité publique mais au fond qui es-tu?

In real life, I am very relaxed and don’t like to wear much makeup especially when I am at home. I like to
hangout with my friends, go shopping, and ride horses when I have time.

2/ 24 heures dans la vie de Jaime Xie, ça ressemble à quoi ?

It varies day to day but now I spend most of my days at the airport or traveling.
I am so grateful that my job takes me to so many beautiful places around the world.

3/ La mode et ton style t’ont rendu célèbre. Comment définirais-tu ton style ?

People often describe me as a style chameleon because I don’t have one specific style of dress.
I can be simple and minimalistic one day, flirty and feminine the next, and sleek and edgy the following day.
I tend to gravitate more towards statement pieces and clothes that are a bit different as I think fashion is
fun, artistic, and a way of expressing yourself.

4/ As-tu un endroit, une boutique ou un quartier préféré pour faire du shopping à Paris ?

Hmm it is so difficult for me to pick just one favorite shop as I have so many that I love !
My favorite shopping district in Paris is Avenue Montaigne ! But I also like walking in Le Haut Marais
because of the atmosphere, all the boutiques you can find there and the small cafes.

5/ Tu portes des bijoux Isabel Marant, des chaussures Jacquemus … Mais quelle est ta marque française préférée ?

All of my favorite brands are French ! In my opinion, the French do fashion the best and know how
to dress a women. Jacquemus is still one of my absolute favorites! And Isabel Marant too! I love both of
those brands for more casual everyday looks. I love Alexandre Vauthier, Giambattista Valli and Mugler for
when I feel like wearing something a bit more special.

6/ Tu voyages beaucoup, quels sont tes essentiels lorsque tu fais ta valise ?

I always make sure to pack some comfy clothes with me when I travel. A sweat shirt, leggings and a pair of
sneakers are a few of my essentials.

7/ Passionnée de mode Haute-Couture, connais-tu le concept de location de vêtements ? Si oui, l’as tu déjà testé ? Si non, ça t’intéresse ?

I am aware of clothing rentals, that’s why I like and already tried the concept of “The Daily Dressing”. They
change the looks all the time especially since I only wear each of my clothes once or twice because as an
influencer, you cannot be seen wearing the same pieces over and over again, clothing rental is a great
concept and it will make me not feel as wasteful.

8/ As-tu un rituel ou une habitude lorsque tu viens à Paris ?

Everytime I come to Paris, I always try to make time to do a little shopping or just walk through the streets
alone and take in the beauty of the city. I would consider moving to in the future. I always feel so inspired
whenever I’m in Paris and love the fashion, food, art, architecture, and culture.

9/ Ton weekend parfait à Paris ?

A perfect weekend would consist of beautiful weather, shopping, having lunch in a small hidden bistro, and
strolling through the streets in order to discover new places such as “Les Batignolles” (I love the place, it
looks like a small village).

Jaime Xie x The Daily Dressing

10/ Le quartier le plus instagrammable ?

Montmartre ! I have only been there once before but it is so charming and I would love to walk through the
streets again and explore more of the town. The streets around Place du Tertre are so peaceful and there
are surprises on every street corner: vineyard, statues, parcs and monuments.

11/ Si tu pouvais choisir un figure publique française de la mode (morte ou vivante) avec qui passer une soirée, qui choisirais-tu ?

I would love to have dinner with Gabrielle Chanel because she was a strong and powerful woman. She
went through difficult times but knew how to take advantage of them without ever giving up to create the
Chanel empire that we know today, and I’m sure that if she was still with us, she would have a lot to say.

12/ Une astuce mode pour upgrader son style sans effort ?

Acessories are very important in completing a look but make sure not to over do it.

13/ Le dernier compte Instagram que tu as suivi ?

I cannot remember…haha :/

14/ Pour finir, as tu un conseil à donner aux jeunes influenceurs ?

Create content that sets you apart from the rest. You want to stand out but always be true to yourself.


Merci à Jaime Xie et à l’agence La Boite d’Allumettes